The Coronavirus pandemic has completely stalled the progress of many student-athletes and their goals. Prospects work hard for competitions and tournaments. In addition,  students and parents are distraught after the cancellation of long-awaited programs and uncertain circumstances continue to damage their mental health. That’s why your athletes mental health during Covid-19 & how parents can help is so important right now.

Focusing on the positives during this time is pivotal. Staying resilient and strong can seem like a difficult task when things keep getting worse. However, it is crucial for students and parents to stay steady in the midst of turmoil.

Below are a few exercises and tips from behavioral psychologists to lean towards during Covid-19 pandemic. Most of these tips are simple but immensely impactful for parents and students and their mental wellness during these times.

Realize that this is a Hard Time

At times like these, you need to sit back, and don’t forget that you’re not the only one experiencing difficulty during these times. Dwelling on all the bad things that could happen will drive you towards anxiety and depression. Consider thinking beyond the lengths of your own problems and remind yourself that the whole world is suffering.

This pandemic troubles teenagers more than the parents, and rightly so. The teenage years are a time where a person’s body is experiencing a lot of change and new experiences. Therefore, at this age, being obligated to stay indoors can be quite tough.

At this time, it is important not to blame yourself for the stunt in progress. Bad feelings can manifest if you start beating yourself down for everything that is happening. Therefore, realize that the roadblock in your progress has nothing to do with you.

Listen to Your Kids

A teenager’s personality is volatile and not fully developed. As a parent, you should try to stabilize any emotional problems your kids may be experiencing. Your children may be having negative thoughts and that’s normal during stressful times. Therefore, take some time, listen to your kids, and allow them to express their feelings. This will help in alleviating the emotional pain that they are suffering from.

Being there to listen to them while they vent their emotions is a form of therapy that may heal emotional pain. Sit through the emotional rants and help them express the complex concerns that occupy their minds. It is better if you do not impose your ideas on your children. Instead, keeping the conversation flowing is the best way to listen.

Allow Your Kids to be Sad

Oftentimes, parents use the wrong approach when their kid is going through grief and sadness. You should know that your child does not choose to be sad. In times like these, do not tell your kids to stop feeling sad because it is not that easy. Remind yourself that your kids do not have a switch that they can push in order to change how they are feeling. Therefore, allow them to sit on sadness. Your attempt should primarily revolve around being part of their sadness instead of trying excessively hard to eliminate it.

Let your kids explore their sadness and give them time. If you challenge their feelings, it is only going to make it worse for them. With the recruitment process ending, aspiring student-athletes feel as if though all their efforts are going to waste. Therefore, your job as a parent should be to inform them on the bright side of things and help them explore and express their feelings.

Do not Force Anything

It is possible that your kid has lost motivation during the lockdown. They may not be participating in online training sessions and may have lost the same drive they had before. You should know that this is very normal because staying passionate and motivated is hard. Coronavirus pandemic is not merely a tiny obstruction in their path but a complete turnaround in their routine.

Therefore, you should not worry if your kids are slacking and being lazy. Give them time and as it progresses, they will surely regain their strong mentality. Furthermore, you should realize that the current situation pushed your kid into survival mode. Learn to assess the situation before you start to make rash judgments. Your kids will likely rebuild the same motivation once they get comfortable with this way of life.

Help Yourself

In order to help your kids, you need to be emotionally stable yourself. Therefore, it is necessary that you help yourself before helping others. Your children will reflect the energy that you resonate with them. So, it is important that you are calm. Sure, staying calm can be a real challenge during the Coronavirus pandemic, but it is not impossible. Small practices of self-care can hugely result in a much more calm and collective behavior.


Meditation in its essence truly refers to emptying your mind. You can practice this by taking a long shower, sitting down, or even lying in bed. Any time you are in a quiet space with no distractions, try to take deep breaths and clear your mind of all thoughts. Even a 5-minute meditation session daily can be incredibly helpful.


Exercising is great for your physical and mental health. Since both are interdependent on each other, exercising in these times could be greatly beneficial. Exercising allows you to sweat out all the toxins in your body. It is also a great way to stay calm since it helps to cure frustrations.

To Conclude

Many parents and aspiring student-athletes have become a victim of depression and anxiety because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Parents have to take responsibility in these tough times and try to handle the mental health of their athletes. Furthermore, athletes need to realize that uncertain times like these are likely to manifest some negative feelings. It is important not to give up hope and stay motivated even during the dead period. This is because coaches and schools often cater to students who stay resilient and persistent, despite the trying times.

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