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This is the Best Time to Start Your College Recruiting Process


The recruiting timeline is a subject of great confusion. Rumors spread like wildfire, people make uninformed decisions, and it often results in frustration and disappointment. The rumor mill spawns myths like, “If it’s the spring of your junior year and you [Read More]

This is the Best Time to Start Your College Recruiting Process2021-07-16T20:07:55+00:00

College Recruiting Simplified


Every prospect has an ideal college experience waiting for him or her. Identifying essential operatives that define your personal goal is half the battle. Self-awareness is an extremely powerful recruiting tool. Furthermore, growing an appreciation for what potentially appeals to you [Read More]

College Recruiting Simplified2021-07-16T20:11:15+00:00

The Danger of Applying To Too Many Colleges


High-achieving students who apply every year to the Ivies and other elites schools have heard the grim statistics about how ridiculously hard it is to get into these schools.

However, that reality doesn’t deter students from applying even though it’s [Read More]

The Danger of Applying To Too Many Colleges2021-07-16T20:17:38+00:00

Collegiate Athletic Scholarships


Many athletes and parents mistakenly believe that if you can’t get an athletic scholarship, you can’t play in college. The reality is that most college athletes do not have athletic scholarships. The demand is way too high, and the [Read More]

Collegiate Athletic Scholarships2021-07-16T20:20:11+00:00

College Recruiting During Adverse Times


True champions are measured by how they respond when their backs are in the corner. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we all face seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead. This article offers hope and clarity to prospects and families to advance college [Read More]

College Recruiting During Adverse Times2021-07-20T20:53:56+00:00

You got a coach’s attention. Now what?


CaptainU Live Episode 25: In this week’s episode, we talk about pushing your recruiting conversations forward, etiquette for following up, and how to find out where you stand with the schools you’re interested in.

Watch and learn:
1. How to take [Read More]

You got a coach’s attention. Now what?2021-07-16T21:00:15+00:00

A Parent’s Role in the College Search


Preparing for college is one of the biggest decisions that you have made to this point in your life. While taking ownership of this process is something that you should do, it is great to know how [Read More]

A Parent’s Role in the College Search2021-07-16T17:43:02+00:00