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BeTheBeast is an online recruiting platform for athletes and college coaches to connect. The heart of the BeTheBeast platform is their mobile app for college coaches attending their partner events. Player profiles are integrated across BeTheBeast and CaptainU so that athletes receive the benefits and exposure from both platforms.

BeTheBeast powers over one hundred existing event partnerships in basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball and wrestling.

The perfect compliment to CaptainU’s web app, the BeTheBeast mobile app for college coaches attending their partner events digitizes rosters and allows coaches to take notes on players at the events on the app.

CaptainU provides all BeTheBeast athletes with a free profile to indicate skills, skill level, academic info and videos in one place. With an athlete profile, athletes can message and introduce themselves to college coaches to connect in person at tournaments, camps and clinics.

The integration gives players more exposure to college coaches. Since all players at partner events will have a CaptainU profile, college coaches can preview players before each event. Players are in the CaptainU system as individuals for college coaches to search and not organized by team roster. College coaches can view digital rosters while attending the event on BeTheBeast mobile app.

A CaptainU College account is a resource for college coaches to discover and efficiently communicate with potential players that fit their programs. CaptainU provides all college coaches with a free account to search players by specific skills and fully manage the recruiting process.

– Free recruiting profile that gives coaches a preview of who is playing in the upcoming tournaments

– Exclusive “Playing in College” recruiting content

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General FAQs

CaptainU is a set of tools that connects high school athletes and their parents with college coaches. Athletes use a profile to organize all their relevant athletic and academic information, build a list of schools they’re interested in and contact coaches directly at those schools from their profile. While being able to proactively reach out to colleges, athletes also get exposure with college coaches who use CaptainU to search for and contact athletes that meet their criteria.

Yes! All notifications on CaptainU are triggered by genuine coach activity. When a coach takes an action like running a search, viewing a profile, or saving an athlete to a recruiting list within their account, we let you know via the activity tab within your profile and a notification e-mail.

Athletes that actively engage with all the features in the CaptainU profile get the most exposure to college coaches on the CaptainU network. When you continuously update your profile, add colleges and send messages to coaches, you increase your exposure and ensure you are connecting with as many colleges as possible.

It’s free to create and maintain a profile on CaptainU! Certain benefits are only available to our paid members. Our paid plan (Silver) starts at $19.95/month and is just billed month to month.

For expert guidance with the recruiting process, we also offer a Gold and Platinum package. All package prices are discounted when you choose to be billed annually. To find out which CaptainU plan best fits your goals, schedule a call with one of our recruiting experts.

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