If you read our recent post,  Don’t ask College Coaches the Wrong Recruitment Questions, you saw some questions that most college coaches never want to hear from a recruit. While that should help you avoid those queries, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the right questions to ask college coaches for recruiting in this article. 

Instead Of Money Or Scholarships, Ask About…

To build a rapport with a college coach, you shouldn’t start by asking about money or scholarships. Instead, ask questions that show your interest in the coach, his or her program, and the school. Make the effort to show coaches that you want to be a part of their program, rather than just wanting your piece of the pie, To do that, ask questions like:

  • When do you anticipate making your recruiting decisions for my class?
  • What are your five-year goals for the team and the program?
  • What are the biggest challenges for your school’s student-athletes?
  • Does the team socialize with each other away from the field/court/rink?
  • What does your school’s freshman orientation program cover?

Ask Not What A Coach Can Do For You…

Rather than asking questions that demand something of a coach for your benefit, ask what you can do to make it easier for a coach to evaluate you. Remember that, if a coach is looking at 25 different athletes, theoretically that means only 4 percent of his or her recruiting time will be geared toward you. That’s why you should look for opportunities to maximize that contact, demonstrate your skills, and ask questions like:

  • What tournament/showcase will you attend? (Then arrange your schedule to be there too.)
  • When is a good time for me to call you? (Instead of you asking the coach to return your call.)
  • How can I contribute/help the team succeed, on and off the field/court/rink? 
  • What are you looking for in someone in my position/skill set?

After You Ask Google or Siri, Ask…

Asking questions about a school or program when the answers are readily available elsewhere isn’t the best look for a recruit. Instead, read up on a given coach’s school and program, then ask questions that read between the lines. Ask questions that will engage coaches and allow them to see you’re engaged as well. Think essay questions, not true/false, such as:

  • What is the most common major/field of study on the team?
  • What is your highest recruiting priority/what positions do you most want to fill for (your class year)?
  • How would you describe your coaching style/philosophy?
  • Do most of your players earn their degrees in four years?

On the quiz show Jeopardy, contestants are required to phrase their answers in the form of questions. While that’s certainly not recommended when your goal is ‘The Right Questions to Ask College Coaches for Recruiting’, just remember that the questions you ask college coaches, and when you ask them, can go a long way in showing them you’re the “answer” for their program! 

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