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Our focus is simple; we help high school athletes gain exposure, build meaningful relationships with college coaches, and get recruited to play sports in college. We do that by providing athletes and coaches with a free recruiting profile (no credit card info required) which allows them direct access to one of the largest athlete/coach networking databases in the world. That free profile comes with 2 weeks of our Silver premium plan for every athlete to try out. If they are happy with the results, they have the option of upgrading to one of our premium profiles with additional features and increase their exposure and recruitment chances. If they choose not to upgrade, that’s fine too, and they can keep their free profile for as long as they wish.

What truly sets CaptainU apart from our competitors is the versatility and uniqueness of our athlete recruiting profiles. Every college coach will tell you that when it comes to recruiting, they want to truly get to know athletes on a personal level and really understand what makes them who they are. Our profiles offer athletes the option to personalize their profiles, unlike any other. We encourage athletes to display their true personalities in addition to their progress, academic, and athletic talents, which inevitably, builds deeper and more successful connections with coaches. 

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More than 3 million athletes have used CaptainU Athlete to fulfilling their dreams of getting recruited to play sports in college. It’s your turn!

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More than 10,000 college coaches from every division use CaptainU College to recruit athletes and build championship teams. Discover your next great class of athletes, connect with them in powerful ways, and get them fired up about your team.

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More than 2,000 of the best tournaments use CaptainU Events to build great college recruiting events. Promote your event, get more college coaches to attend, and make it easy for them to connect with your teams and athletes.