Over 3 million high school athletes and college coaches have already connected & we’re just getting started


We’ve already connected over 3 million high school athletes and college coaches & we’re just getting started.

Our Mission

We believe in you. We believe you’re the captain of your own ship. And we’re honored to build the tools you need to help you achieve your dreams of being recruited to play college sports.

Our work has a big impact on the lives of young men and women, and we work to improve every day, with every customer. If you ever need help, want to give us a shout out, or feel like we’re falling short, please email us: [email protected].

Our Philosophy

Our view has always been that college coaches want to hear from athletes directly and vice versa. We’re not agents, we don’t advocate on behalf of any individual athlete or college team. Our focus is on providing tools that make it easier for athletes and their parents to connect with college coaches,  build lasting and genuine relationships, stay organized, and fulfill their dreams of being recruited to play college sports.

Our History

CaptainU was founded in 2008 with a vision was to create an easier way for high school athletes and college coaches to connect with each other and build meaningful recruiting relationships.

It started with a bang. In the spring of 2008, CaptainU won the New Venture Challenge, the awesome startup competition at Chicago Booth. Over the years, we’ve been supported by some of the best startup organizations around, including Chicago Booth, the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, and the Colorado Technology Association.

Fast forward to the present day, CaptainU’s popularity continues to grow rapidly, year over year. Known as one of the premier go-to recruiting platforms in the college sports recruiting world, our tools have been used by over 3 million high school athletes, parents of athletes, college coaches, club coaches, and tournament directors.

What has truly set us apart from other recruiting tools is our focus on building impactful and meaningful relationships. Not only do we have one of the largest athlete/coach networking databases, but our profiles provide a unique and personalized touch, unlike other recruiting platforms. Athletes display their true personalities and progress in addition to their academic and athletic talents which inevitably, build deeper and more successful connections with coaches.

We played or coached at places like Princeton, Wesleyan, Northwestern, Chicago, Cal, and Dartmouth. We know what it takes to make a college team. In fact, we wrote the book on it, which you can download for free.

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We’ve been athletes. We’ve been college coaches. We’re parents. We’re fans. And we’re here to help you succeed.