Curious about if CaptainU is right for you? Don’t take our word for it…take theirs!


Curious if CaptainU is right for you? Don’t take our word for it…take theirs!


“It helped me find and understand all the schools near me, but it also served as a mass mailing list for schools that really didn’t already have a serious interest in me. I recommend CaptainU to everyone looking to get recruited to play college sports”.

Marissa Perry - University of New Mexico, Division I Basketball Athlete

“CaptainU has great interactive profiles that lessen the distance between a coach and player. This site really helped me build a direct relationship with coaches. Any recruiting website could do the basics, such as sending emails and recording your information, but what really stood out for me with Captain U was being able to see which coaches were interested or searching for me”.

Malik Gaffney - East Texas Baptist University, Division III Football Athlete

“It helped me find out which coaches were going to be at events and contact them ahead of time, which was great! Do I think it helped me get recruited? 100%”.

Joey Bartosic - George Washington University, Division I Baseball Athlete

“CaptainU helped us find colleges that were looking for recruits and to see specific information about them as well as helped us make initial contact, which ultimately led to getting recruiting”.

Samantha Scripter - University of Charleston, , Division I Volleyball Athlete

“I was very pleased at the attention I received from coaches and that I was able to message them directly”.

Ethan Anderson - University of Missouri-Columbia, Division I Wrestling Athlete

“CaptainU helped me identify and communicate with coaches I wanted to come see my games and eventually ended up resulting in multiple Division I offers”.

Jennifer Wittick - Georgia Southern University , Division I Soccer Athlete

“It helped me tremendously. I tried other companies for recruiting help but never experienced the results that CaptainU provided. I wouldn’t have found my opportunity without them”.

Alicia Eamon - Canton State University of New York, Division III Hockey Athlete

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