Build a Great Recruiting Event

More than 2,000 of the best tournaments use CaptainU Events to build great college recruiting events. Promote your event, get more college coaches to attend, and make it easy for them to connect with your teams and athletes.

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How It Works

Build an amazing profile book

Effortlessly collect all the athlete information you need to make your event a success for college coaches.

Make it easy for colleges to access athlete info

Make athlete profiles available to college coaches by PDF, Excel or iPad.

Get more colleges to attend

Promote your event to thousands of college coaches, get more of them to attend, and increase the prestige of your event.

See how your event compares

Compare your event to other events in the CaptainU network. Earn a platinum CaptainU Event badge to show that your event is one of the best.

Track how you’re doing

Know exactly where your event stands in terms of which teams have added their info, which haven’t, and which athletes still need to complete their profiles.

Communicate with the teams attending your event

Send bulk emails to the teams attending your event. Get them to complete their rosters and let them know the latest updates about the event.

Build a list of attending colleges

Let the teams and athletes attending your event know which college coaches will be in attendance. Send messages to those college coaches to keep them up to date on the event.

Promote your event

Get listed in the CaptainU event directory and reach more than 100,000 club, high school, and college teams.

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