Playing sports in college is a wonderful experience. It will enrich your time and leave you with life-long friends and memories. CaptainU strives to simplify the recruiting process and help you maximize your chances of winning a spot on the college team that’s right for you.

The theme is self-promotion — not as in bragging or being egotistical — but in terms of marketing yourself to college coaches. In other words, if you are committed to playing sports in college, you have to make it happen. Don’t just hope or assume that coaches will see you and decide that you’re the next MVP.


One of the keys to recruiting success is organizing the process in one place. Your list of colleges, all your emails with college coaches, and the notes you’ve taken about visits and phone calls should be sorted, easily accessible and within reach at a moment’s notice.

CaptainU centralizes all of this information in one convenient spot. Being disorganized is the downfall of too many people in the recruiting process.

Tip for CaptainU Users: Think of your CaptainU recruiting profile as a giant highway billboard. Get college coaches to look by adding photos, video, and academic and athletic info. Don’t have an account yet? Get started with a free CaptainU profile.


To be successful, you have to take personal responsibility for the recruiting process and while CaptainU’s tools keep you organized and on track, getting recognized is up to you. Utilize your free CaptainU profile to self-promote your academic and athletic accomplishments and get recognized by college coaches.

The task of recruiting ultimately falls to you, so selecting the right college can be stressful. It helps to work through this process with your parents or guardians, counselors, and coaches; they can offer the support and guidance you need to make the team!


A dynamic, multidimensional marketing pitch will make you a strong candidate. To that end, CaptainU recruiting involves both on-field and off-field components in which college coaches can evaluate your on-field play and open the opportunity for you to engage with them off-field. These tools allow you to stand out from the competition and highlight your desire to play at the next level.

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