If you look around the CaptainU blog, you’ll find plenty about what you should do to improve your recruiting chances. Hopefully, that’s all you need to help get recruited to compete at the next level. But given all that, there are still a few things you can do, either consciously or unconsciously, that can quickly ruin your chances of being recruited. So even though you may already know what you need to do to get recruited, make sure you also know what not to do along the way too:

• Expressing A Lack Of Interest

Given the sheer number of recruits angling for a scholarship or simply the opportunity to play collegiately, most coaches have a limited amount of time for recruiting. And if a college coach is investing some of that valuable time in you, the absolute worst thing you can do – and the best way to get crossed off a school’s recruiting list – is to tell that coach that you have no interest in that program.

That said, it’s just fine to not be interested in a school. And, if that’s the case, let coaches know sooner rather than later so they don’t feel they’ve wasted their time with you. It’s also important to remember if a coach makes time to reach out to you, be respectful, take an interest in them and their program, listen to what they have to say, and reserve judgment, regardless of your interest in that school.

Why is it most important to not tell a coach you’re not interested? Because things can change. The coach you disregard today might be the head coach at your dream school tomorrow. The offers and interest you have from other schools may disappear. Finally, while it may be every man for himself on the recruiting trail, remember that rival coaches talk and word can spread quickly if you disrespectfully blow off a coach or two.

• Letting Your Body Language Do Your Talking

In addition to what you say, what your body says in the presence of a college coach is also hugely important. Again, if a coach is making the time to visit with you, make sure you reciprocate that interest with your respect, your undivided attention, and a posture and presence that will tell a coach you’re listening.

Being shy or nervous isn’t a bad thing. But coaches are also looking for recruits who can confidently express themselves and show their interest in a program. But if you don’t make eye contact, you’re busy looking at your phone, you’re slouching, or you look to your parents when asked a question, your body will tell a coach you’re not the player they’re looking for.

• Using Foul Language

How you speak and the words you use to express yourself are an immediate reflection of your character. And since coaches look for character as much as athleticism, it’s important to be careful about the words you use when visiting with coaches. Curse while you’re speaking to a college coach and you’ll tell that coach you don’t make good decisions or you simply lack self-discipline.

In addition, remember that a coach is also recruiting you to be a representative of their school. And by cursing, you reflect poorly on yourself in the eyes of others, and few coaches want that type of person representing their program.

On top of all that, by using foul language in conversation with college coaches, you also tell them that you lack the ability to expand your mind and vocabulary. And since you’re potentially going to college to learn in the classroom and on the field, when you curse, you effectively tell a coach you’re not a very good learner and lack the capacity to grow as a person.

Ultimately, all of the potential recruiting pitfalls above boil down to one thing: lack of respect. If a college coach respects you enough to invest their time to visit you, be equally respectful of them. Listen to what they have to say and don’t automatically dismiss their program or their school. Remember that what your body says is important too. Look coaches in the eye, pay attention while they’re speaking, and speak confidently for yourself. Finally, choose your words wisely and don’t use foul or inappropriate language, so that a coach can see you’re capable of representing his or her school off the field just as well as you will on the field.

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