The Coronavirus impacts on recruiting and ACT/SAT testing for athletes have been troublesome. The pandemic still manages to startle students, athletes, and management committees, as standardized testing and sporting events close and re-open. It leaves many wondering what the future holds for athletes.

Many students have been a victim of depression and anxiety throughout lockdown. And rightly so, since many of them are vigorously planning and training to meet their collegiate goals. It’s crucial for students to continue their studies and prepare for the ACT and SAT tests. Especially since test scores directly influence their chances for recruitment. Coaches not only consider their athletic prowess for recruitment but also their GPA and test scores.

Since schools and colleges have been shutting down, students are finding it quite difficult to keep up with their test preparation and scores. Therefore, it is vital to keep track of the latest updates on information regarding the SAT, ACT, and other standardized testing. The NCAA has made multiple extensions and updates this year due to Coronavirus. CLICK HERE for one example. Below are some tips you can apply to track your academic progress.

Follow Online Learning Curriculum

This is a really simple yet important solution for students. School curriculum refers to everything, from attending online lectures, staying on par with homework assignments, and excelling in online assessments. The school’s online curriculum is easy to follow, as all you need to do is work hard and stay ahead of schedule. This will likely ensure a good academic score for the recruitment process and make things easier for you.

Utilize Extra Time

Taking advantage of the extra time you have on your hands due to the cancellation and postponing of standardized tests is another great idea. You should use your spare time to perfect your academic skills in order to achieve satisfactory test results. Furthermore, this extra time gives you a chance to explore the different learning materials that you can find online for your tests. You can also use this extra time to use a multidimensional learning approach for your tests. This will help strengthen your weaknesses and guarantee a better outcome.

Stay Updated

It is crucial for you to meet the necessary requirements for the sports recruitment process, as it will help you stay updated with the latest news regarding the tests. Furthermore, you need to make sure you are taking the right courses and meeting the GPA scores required by the college.

Let’s look at a few eligibility updates and announcements regarding SAT’s and ACT’s

SAT and ACT Updates

The following test dates for the SAT that still stand are November 7 and December 5. The College Board canceled the rest of the dates. Plus, the students will give the tests in a large arena with proper social distancing and safety precautions, it will also hold a minimum capacity to make things extra safe. Furthermore, students must also declare certain confirmations before entering the testing center. These will determine whether any student should be sent home due to the chances of being sick. In case a student falls sick on the test day, they will be able to transfer their registration date to another one and will receive a full refund on the examination fee. For more info on SAT Coronavirus updates, CLICK HERE.

ACT tests will also take place on college campuses with a limited capacity and will adhere to strict health and safety precautions.  On-campus residual ACT testing will make it easier for students to appear for the test in their admitted schools. For more info on ACT coronavirus updates, CLICK HERE.

Other Standardized Tests Updates

For advanced placement exams, students don’t have to worry about going through the conventional exam method. AP exams offer students the chance to take a 45-minute online response exam. Students can also cancel their exams without any extra charges. Furthermore, the AP examination program introduced various test prep sources and solutions that allow students to appear for exams in the comfort of their homes. Since March 25, student AP programs have opened free live review courses taught by teachers nationwide.

Division 1 and Division 2 Updates

Sports organizations everywhere have had to introduce countless new policies and announcements in order to counter these challenging times. Students enrolling for division 1 and division 2 do not need to appear in any standardized test to match the requirement in 2021-22. However, colleges may require SAT and ACT for academic scholarships. The NCAA suspended all in-person recruitment after January 1st, and coaches will not be able to meet with a recruit face to face.

When it comes to off-campus recruiting, the NCAA will not tolerate any interaction. However, recruiting will continue by email, phone, and social media platforms. This means that coaches will continue to be more active in online recruiting during the pandemic.

The NCAA also suspended all on and off-campus recruiting, but students can communicate with the coaches using online recruiting platforms like In case you scheduled an on-campus meet with a coach, consider rescheduling it for a later date.

When it comes to scholarship offers, you will be glad to know that colleges made compromises and adjustments according to the pandemic. Therefore, they are open to making flexible scholarship offers for recruits, such as a grey shirt or red shirt offers.

The recruitment process took an enormous transformation due to online solutions. Considering this fact, it is important for you to construct an online presence and stay active on the internet. Consider building a competitive recruiting profile for free at CaptainU to drastically increase your odds for recruitment. CaptainU has already connected over 3 million high school athletes and college coaches for recruitment.

To Conclude

Many schools have been introducing new regulations and solutions that counter the closing down of schools due to the Coronavirus impacts on recruiting and ACT/SAT testing for athletes. Students need to adapt to the new system that largely consists of online solutions and programs. Therefore, being more active in online platforms and social media will greatly benefit students, helping them cope with the drastic impacts of the Coronavirus.

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