See how lacrosse camps can improve your game and your scholarship chances,

In addition to helping you sharpen your skills, lacrosse camps have many other benefits beyond improving your game. While working to become a better player should always be your primary goal, lacrosse camps can also help in the recruiting process, too. Here’s how:

Peer Performance

Attending a lacrosse camp geared to your skill level means you’ll be learning, and playing, side-by-side with other potential recruits. Not only does that allow you to see how you measure up against other players, but it also allows you to learn from those other athletes. In addition, playing in a camp setting will likely push you out of your comfort zone. It will require you to work with different teammates in different settings and systems than you might be used to. Finally, the skills you learn and demonstrate at lacrosse camps against more skilled peers can help build your confidence and help you stand out to any potential college recruiters.

Showcase Your Skills

While lacrosse showcases may be a better opportunity to land on a college coach’s radar, a good showing at a lacrosse camp can raise your recruiting profile as well. If it’s being held on a college campus, odds are a coach or coaches will be involved. So, if you want more coaches to see what you have to offer, camps are often the way to go.

In addition, remember that most college lacrosse programs lack huge recruiting and travel budgets. So even if many college coaches aren’t in attendance, standing out in a camp can raise your profile among the coaches and recruiters that do see you. And that type of exposure is what can ultimately get you noticed by other college coaches.

Demonstrate Your Coachability

While you ideally want to demonstrate your skills at a camp to make an impression on recruiters, you can raise your recruiting profile by demonstrating your coachability. For many coaches, a player’s character and coachability matter just as much as one’s athletic ability. Remember that lacrosse camps are also opportunities to learn. Showing that you can learn from a coach, work with the team, and continue striving to improve can help you stand out.

Personal Interaction

Reaching out to college coaches is one thing, but lacrosse camps also provide the opportunity to introduce yourself and personally interact with a coach. And that is a much better way to raise your recruiting profile. That’s because interacting with a coach allows that coach to not only put a face to a name, but it also allows that coach to connect that name with your ability. Further, if you’ve established yourself with a coach via email or letter, attending a lacrosse camp allows you to invite that coach to see you at that camp, or lets you alert them you’ll be attending. If a coach or coaches are curious about what you can offer their program, a camp offers you the opportunity to get your foot further in the door with a coach or a program.

Get A Feel For A School

Attending a lacrosse camp at the school you want to attend gives you and your family the chance to visit the campus. This give you the chance to see what fits you best. You can check out that school’s athletic and training facilities, campus and class halls, and the admissions office for tuition costs. Even if it’s not a school you’re interested in, visiting a campus can help give you a feel of what you want in your college experience. And, along the way, you may even discover what you’re looking for at a school that wasn’t on your list.

Finally, don’t forget that lacrosse camps are also great opportunities to improve, regardless of your skill level or age. Start early, grow your game, and show coaches growth and development over time. And no matter where or when you attend a lacrosse camp, find the camp that’s the right fit for you. You could raise your game while also raising your recruiting profile.

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