How To Get Recruited Even If You’re An Unsigned Senior

Thanks to signing ceremonies, the National Signing Day has become a big media event. But, if you’re a senior who hasn’t signed on the dotted line and you’re still without a scholarship, don’t worry. There are still scholarship opportunities available and, to land one, just follow these steps.

Update Your Highlight Video

If you haven’t added your latest highlights to your recruiting video, do it now. Refresh your video with clips that fully demonstrate what you do best. Emphasize your abilities in ways to catch a coach’s attention. Remember that, even though you’re a senior, your highlight video will still be the first impression you make with many coaches. For other coaches, it may offer a second chance for you to get noticed. Craft your updated video so that your talent stands out, regardless of who’s viewing it.

Make The Call, Then Call Some More

Emailing a college coach is a great way to touch base early in the recruiting process. If you’re close to graduation, however, it’s imperative that you start calling coaches. The time is now and you don’t have the time to wait for email responses. Be proactive and be persistent. Calling a coach lets you immediately make a connection to demonstrate your interest, while also allowing the coach to offer insight on his or her scholarship availabilities and timelines.

Don’t Stop Your Campus Visits

In addition to working for a scholarship, you still want to find the campus that’s right for you. Use a campus visit as another opportunity to connect with a coach. Make sure the coach will be on campus when you visit and, before you plan your visit, call ahead to let that coach know when you’re visiting. Then, try to set a time to visit with that coach.

If you can’t visit a campus in person, you can still check things out via the school’s website or social media channels. Be sure to check out the athletic department’s page as well and look for all the video tours a school may provide.

Keep In Touch

Every coach will tell you that recruiting, and the awarding of a scholarship, doesn’t always go as planned. A recruit may not qualify academically, injuries can happen, or an older player on the roster may decide to transfer. The point is, as an unsigned senior, make sure you stay on a coach’s radar should a roster spot open up unexpectedly. Keep in touch with coaches via email occasionally and follow them or their programs on social media so you can be in the know if things change before you graduate.

Consider A Junior College

For many college coaches, junior colleges are often the first stop when they have roster spots to fill. And, if you’re unsigned as a senior, a junior college can offer an opportunity to show your talent at a higher level while also providing a lower cost option for college. If you were considered a late bloomer in high school or your grades were borderline, playing for a junior college provides you the opportunity to show you’ve got what it takes, athletically and academically.

Know The Deadlines

Remember that National Signing Day is the first day you can sign a scholarship offer, not the last. In fact, you still have several months to receive and accept scholarship offers after National Signing Day. So, if you don’t sign on National Signing Day, don’t worry. Just follow the steps above, keep working hard, control what you can control, and don’t give up your dream of landing a college scholarship.

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