An AI powered platform designed to help protect your future from your social media past.


The journey to college sports is about more than just athletic skills. It is also about the athlete’s online presence. Coaches and recruiters are paying close attention to social media accounts, and what they find CAN impact chances of getting recruited or securing academic and professional opportunities.

That is why CaptainU has partnered with LifeBrand, a cutting edge social media cleansing service that helps you review your social media profiles, flagging potentially harmful content, and allows YOU to clean it up.

Comprehensive Analysis: LifeBrand meticulously analyzes your posts, captions, videos, and photos across popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Flagging Potential Issues: It pinpoints posts that could be perceived as offensive or inappropriate, ensuring you are aware of content that may need attention.

Empowerment to Clean Up: LifeBrand assists you in removing or editing content that might not align with the image you want coaches to see, allowing you to present your best self online. YOU choose what to remove.

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