CaptainU empowers athletes to make a great college team

We believe that the recruiting process is a personal journey best driven by the people who know what’s most important — the athletes and their families. This is why we provide the tools for an athlete to create their recruiting resume, build a list of schools that are the right fit, and we help guide communication by showing what to say and when to say it. CaptainU also helps athletes understand who is genuinely interested in them by providing analytics on which colleges are looking at their profile, finding them in searches, and reading their emails.

More than 2.5 million athletes have used CaptainU and we’ve helped athletes make the team at Division I giants, small, highly selective DIII colleges, and everything in between.

Unlike other recruiting services, that can cost thousands of dollars, we offer our recruiting software for free for limited feature access with premium plans starting as low as $19.95 per month.

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Why has CaptainU partnered with Varsity Spirit?

CaptainU provides high school cheer, STUNT and dance athletes college recruiting resources to compete and participate at the collegiate level. Varsity Spirit athletes and coaches can benefit from connecting at their combines, competitions and camps.

How does CaptainU help Varsity Spirit coaches?

A CaptainU College account is a resource for cheer, STUNT and dance coaches to discover and efficiently communicate with potential athletes that fit their programs. CaptainU provides all college cheer, STUNT and dance coaches with a free account to search high school athletes by specific skills and routines to fully manage the recruiting process.

How does CaptainU help Varsity Spirit athletes and parents?

CaptainU provides all cheer, STUNT and dance athletes with a free profile to indicate routines, skills and skill level, academic info and videos in one place. With an athlete profile, cheer, STUNT and dance athletes can message and introduce themselves to college coaches and connect in person at combines, competitions, camps and clinics.

What can a Varsity Spirit member expect from CaptainU?
  • Free cheer, STUNT or dance recruiting profile that includes skill and routine fields important to college programs
  • Tailored “Cheering/STUNT/Dance in College” recruiting content 
  • Cheer, STUNT and dance athletes and college cheer, STUNT and dance coaches enjoy a 10% discount on CaptainU upgraded packages

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