It’s official! The extended recruiting dead period that was implemented during COVID-19 is ending soon on June 1, 2021. You and your parents can finally meet face-to-face with college coaches during official or unofficial visits, and when coaches come to watch you compete at an event or camp. With the NCAA recruiting calendars returning to normal, you’re probably wondering how to make the most of your recruiting moving forward. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

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One of the first things you should concentrate on going into summer is evaluating your college prospects list. Look over all the schools on your list and begin narrowing the list down to the top ten to fifteen schools that you absolutely want to connect with. 

CaptainU Profile TIP: If you don’t already have a college prospects list created, you can do so easily inside your CaptainU recruiting profile to help plan ahead and stay organized. 

Make a Plan

The idea is to have a plan for the summer ahead of time. Which college camps do you want to attend? Which clinics are you most interested in? Which campuses do you want to visit? 

Also, make sure to prioritize the events you’re planning to attend and the programs on your college prospect list. Since you can’t go to every camp or tournament, give yourself the best opportunity to connect with the most important schools on your list.


It’s more important than ever to be proactive. No matter what sport you play, do not wait until June 1st to start your recruiting conversations! You’re not the only athlete who has been waiting for this period to be over. There’s less time to connect and more competition among your peers. It’s important to understand the “Dead Period” only refers to in-person recruiting. That being said, if you are planning on attending a camp at a school this summer, you should be messaging that coach right now or as soon as possible. Get ahead of the game, and start those conversations.

CaptainU Profile TIP: Not sure what to say to coaches? Your CaptainU profile has a built-in recruiting checklist & email messaging templates so you know exactly when to reach out and what to say to coaches every step of the way. 

Follow Up Before & After

Once you’ve sent those first couple of messages to coaches, it’s time to follow up, particularly around events that you will be attending. Let them know that you are attending their camp or clinic, invite them to an event you will be competing at, etc. It’s important to note that even if your camp isn’t until later, it doesn’t mean you don’t speak with the coach until you show up. You want to keep a cadence of communication and check-ins. This will get your name recognized and show coaches that you are taking recruiting and their program seriously. 

It’s just as important to follow up with coaches after an event. If the coach was at the event, be sure to thank them at the end of the event in person as well as send a follow-up message a day or two after. If the coach wasn’t at the event, that’s okay too. Send them a follow-up message letting them know how the event went and attach any footage from the event that you would like them to see. 

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Never Just Show Up

Make the most out of your event or visit. As stated before, it’s important to keep the communication going prior to the event. Once you arrive at an event or campus, make an impression by introducing yourself. You should practice your introduction beforehand so you know exactly what you want to say. 

You’ll also want to prepare any questions that you have about the school or program fresh on your mind. You may want to add them as a note on your phone or on paper for quick reference. This isn’t just about impressing the coach and convincing them that they need you. You are also there to make sure that the school is a good fit for you. It can be easy to forget that the recruiting process is a two-way street. 

Keep Your Recruiting Profile Updated

It’s important to keep your CaptainU profile updated, especially the events section. This will increase your chances of getting noticed or discovered by coaches. When a coach performs a search for athletes attending a specific event, you want your name to show up. You also want to make sure the rest of your profile is updated as well. Make sure you have an updated highlight video, images, grades, awards, accomplishments, and more. You want the coaches to view your most recent information.

CaptainU Profile TIP: Check out this video on how to build an awesome recruiting profile. 

Coaches Are Just As Excited

Coaches have been waiting a long time for this too. They are just as excited as you about in-person recruiting. That being said, they are very busy putting together camps, visits, and everything in between. So if you don’t hear back from them immediately, just know they aren’t ignoring you. It’s okay to send a follow-up message. Coaches want to hear from you and sometimes need a reminder. They want to get athletes back on their campus. So don’t be afraid to be persistent during this time. 

This part of your recruiting journey is exciting, but don’t get too wrapped up in the excitement. This all works together. The more proactive and consistent you are with recruiting, the more momentum you are building, and the more exposure you will get. 

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