CaptainU has stepped up to the challenge for College Coaches like Shawn Hall at Lincoln Trail College to continue to help build programs with remote recruiting tools and one on one service during COVID-19.

CaptainU has stepped up to the challenge for College Coaches as they struggle with shifting signing windows, travel restrictions, and potential budgetary constraints. The team at CaptainU focuses more than just on great recruiting tools, they focus on serving their athletes and coach Partners. This one-on-one service combined with the 10+ years experience helping programs find the athletes that best fit them has to lead to incredible results for coaches.

“With the recent postponement of recruiting events and limits to in-person recruiting, CaptainU is how I and the other coaches on staff recruit. I am on all team accounts with CaptainU and work with each team on campus to recruit using the CaptainU tools as our main source of new recruits and organizational system.” Dereck Bohnsack, Missouri Valley College – Wrestling Coach and Athletic Department Recruiting Administrator

The recent changes to all college recruiting process including:

  • Suspended in-person recruiting until May 31st by the NCAA
  • College campus closings, and camps suspensions
  • Eligibility Extension by the NCAA
  • Signing Periods shifted to April 15th – August 1st

These changes have had immediate impacts on college recruiting processes and the athletes they serve. Not all of these impacts have been negative for coaches, there have been some that have seen a lot of success building teams or even new programs during this time like the Lincoln Trail Men’s Soccer Program.

“CaptainU has benefited me in many different ways and many different times during my coaching career…Now CaptainU and the team have helped me build the first-ever boys (soccer) team and during a pandemic!! But right when this started I knew who I had to call so we could start to strategize, that is right CaptainU!! Being stuck indoors means online all the time and they give me the staff and tools for the job!!” Shawn Hall, Lincoln Trail College – Men’s & Women’s Soccer Coach

“We want coaches and athletic directors to know that just as before and after this challenging time, we are here to help them build great programs,” Said Tanner Highlen, GM at CaptainU. “The opportunity to play football at Northwestern University was life-changing for me. The experience as a college athlete opened innumerable doors for me and I want to make that opportunity a reality for every athlete.”


“With the recent postponement of recruiting events and limits to in-person recruiting, CaptainU is how I and the other coaches on staff recruit.” – Dereck Bohnsack, Missouri Valley College

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