Winter Soccer Workout to Improve Ball Handling

During the winter, you can improve your soccer ball handling while boosting your fitness. The ability to maintain control of the ball effectively when you are tired and in tight spaces is the most important aspect of the game.

This winter soccer workout will challenge you both physically and technically, giving you an advantage once spring rolls around. The more you work on your ball handling during the off-season, the more comfortable you will be when the games begin.


  • 2 cones, 10 yards apart
  • 1 soccer ball; watch/timer


  • Starting at one cone, dribble around the cones in a figure 8 pattern.
  • Go around as many times as you can in one minute.
  • Each time you successfully get around a cone, you score a point.
  • Rest for one minute after each round.


While completing the drill, focus on each of these four ways of dribbling:

  • Right foot
  • Left Foot
  • Inside of foot
  • Outside of foot

Go through the progression three times, trying to improve your previous score every time. At the end of the workout, record your best score for each progression to set benchmarks for next time.

It’s important to keep your turns tight and as close to the cone as possible. Stay balanced and maintain a low center of gravity. After you get around a cone, try to get your next touch out in front of you to get more speed heading into the next cone. This will be challenging at first, but as you get a better feel for the ball, you will be able to do this more effectively.

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